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Retirement is a time to enjoy the things you never could before.

The Mixed PROBUS Club of Burlington offers numerous activities to its members - all designed to stimulate the mind or the body. Below is a list and brief description of the activities currently offered. We encourage members who have a passion for a particular activity not listed to poll the organization and if there is enough interest among the members that activity will be actively promoted by the club.


It seems like some restrictions are lifting in Ontario. We follow Ontario Public Health guidelines in terms of restrictions on activities. Due to the restrictions currently in force due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some of the activities listed below are either deferred or restricted to virtual meetings. Please check with the activity coordinator to determine the status of an activity.

Armchair Travel

Not travelling very often or you prefer the comforts of home to the uncertainties of new places and cultural differences. Then travel the world virtually with the travelling members of the Mixed Probus Club of Burlington who gather monthly to share their vacation and travel experiences through photos, videos and stories.

Breakfast Club

A group for early risers meets on a monthly basis at a local restaurant to enjoy conversation, laughter and socializing over breakfast.


The mixed Probus group is more than just a place to play bridge, It’s a portal to a community of bridge lovers learning about the game, honing their skills and forming lifelong partnerships.

Community Theatre

This is a group for anyone who loves going to the theatre and who enjoy eating out. Theatre lovers unite to share a meal and an evening performance at a theatre/event within 1 1/2 hours drive of Burlington.

Current Events

Stay current and involved with the world. Members are encouraged to bring their passion and interests for a lively discussion following a friendly prescribed format.


Weather permitting from May to October members enjoy exploring nature and getting exercise riding easy to moderate area trails. There is usually an opportunity for social time over coffee after the ride

Dining Out (Group 1)

A group of 20 Club members open to socialization and sampling a variety of food experiences at restaurant in and around Burlington. Restaurants are selected by one of the members on a rotating basis and each club member chooses their own meal and wine from the menu and pays the appropriate cost. Restaurant style varies from family diners to fine dinning. No obligation to attend or pick a particular meal.

Dining Out (Group 2)

Another group of people meeting friends and sharing interests and life experiences over a great meal. Discover new restaurants, enjoy delicious meals and make satisfying conversation with friendly dinner companions. Each month a member, on a rotating basis selects a restaurant, make the reservation. Each individual pays for their our meal and refreshments.


Twelve Euchre loving players Meet twice monthly to enjoy chatter, laughter and socializing, with the emphasis on playing Euchre. We try to fill three tables at each venue with spares if and when necessary. Coffee cold drinks and snacks are provided by the home host.

Hors d’oeuvres and Libations

This is an in home group designed specifically for members in homes that can only accommodate approximately 10 people, The designated host will provide the Libation and members will bring Hors d’oeuvres.

Lunch Bunch

A friendly social lunch experience at a local restaurant to enjoy conversation and laughter over lunch. Each month a member of the group, on a rotating basis, selects a restaurant, makes a reservation and generally acts as host for the day. All costs for meals and refreshments are the responsibility of each individual.

Lunch Out

Midday dining and social time. The selection of venue is rotated among group members on a monthly basis and the designated host will select the restaurant and make a reservation.

Nibbles and Wine

The group meets in members homes monthly to enjoy wine, nibbles and friendly conversation. Each attendee/couple brings their own wine and an appetizer for 8 people. The host provides wine glasses, a light desert and coffee or tea.

Nibbles and Wine (Group 2)

The group meets in members homes monthly to enjoy wine, nibbles and friendly conversation. Each attendee/couple brings their own wine and an appetizer for 8 people. The host provides wine glasses, a light desert and coffee or tea.

9 and Dine - (Golf)

Play nine holes of golf at a selected course and then have dinner often in the club restaurant. Non golfer partners are welcome to arrive after golf and join the group for dinner.


Successful aging is directly related to the level of exercise practiced by the individual. Up your game plan and join a group with a focus on keeping fit, enjoying company and exploring Burlington, on foot.


Come out and bring your camera or phone for an opportunity to meet other shutter bugs and learn new technologies and share the art of taking pictures. Group is suitable for all levels of experience from the simple use of your camera in your phone to those with sophisticated equipment.

Something Else?

The activities groups are member run and are usually driven by the interest of the members. If something other than what is mentioned here ignites your passion; we have an activities coordinator who will assist you in forming a new group.

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